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The Problem With Exercise On The Internet!

Posted by on 5.27.19 in Athletic Over 40, Function Over Fitness

Exercise or training online is a bit of mess.

The problem with social media and what we see on the interweb is that most of it is inappropriate. I don’t mean inappropriate in a “parental guidance “sort of way, although there is too much of that as well (put some clothes on people!! ).  I mean more inappropriate for you and me.

Random exercises performed by someone who is ½ our age, or has 10x more experience in the gym, or is a freak of nature, or has no injuries, or (I can go on and on) is not the best guidance for most of us.

I can come up with a few different examples.

Here is one I see often. Back squats.

The squat that we did in high school or perhaps our sporting years, with bar loaded up on the back of our neck and down we go!  Back up, Down we go.

The old school lifters will tell ya that all you need is master the squat, deadlift and bench press and you are good to go.  But those guys have been doing that for 25 years!

The new school fitness coaches will give you all kinds of variations to keep things interesting.  Too many sometimes.

The answer is somewhere in the middle for most of us.

The goal is not to exhaust or injure, the goal is to get stronger, get more pep in our step and stay injury free during our favorite activities.

Solution:   Start with just body weight, lower your backside between your legs and hold.  How’d ya do?  If like me a few years ago, not so good. So the last thing most of need is to load up the weight when our range of motion is , well , less than ideal. We want to be able to smile after our workout!

Not able to do that,  from an athletic stance, move one leg behind and kneel down. Reverse lunge is what it is called. Hold it. And come back up.  Do a few. Then other leg.  Build yourself up to 15-20. Then we can consider adding small amounts of weight.

1 leg work (unilateral) is real popular with athletes and athletic training …why ? because most of their movement is unilateral. We skate 1 leg at a time, we transfer weight from 1 leg to the other when swinging a club, we move in every direction 1 leg at a time.   So training 1 leg at a time.

Simple: reverse lunges (start with 5-8 in workout 1 per leg, and add 2 each workout until you get to 15-20 each  side), then do a plank for 15-30s and call that 1 round. Do 3 rounds.

(free resource: we have over 100 videos posted over on our youtube channel: Here is a reverse lunge with hop. You can remove the hop if just starting:

Here is proper plank set up:

If you do 3 rounds x 3 times per week, you are 200% better off than where you are now, and 500% better than loading up the bar and trying to squat like you see on social media!

And it involves no cranky back or knees barking.

Welcome to AthleticOver40®. Taking the million possibilities around exercise and simplifying into a few.

Simple, Safe, Stronger & Suitable. The 4 x S’s !

Nothing too sexy about those reverse lunges and planks …when compared to that nice back squat with 3 plates per side, but ask your better half about your glutes in a month (after 12 of this micro workouts) and I guarantee you …Simple , Safe, Stronger and Suitable seems more appropriate.

Stay connected with us here, we will be rolling out some cool simple and effective models like this to make sure you stay on the right track and get back to those injury free and active days of yesteryear!

(Again , here is that free resource over on our youtube channel:  Find the reverse lunge + plank.)

Enjoy, be safe , get stronger.

Greg Lawlor

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